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The Common Entry Point (CEP) is available 24 hours per day to receive reports of vulnerable adult maltreatment.  The CEP The Common Entry Point (CEP) is available 24 hours per day to receive reports of vulnerable adult maltreatment. The CEP assesses these reports and sends them to the appropriate lead investigative agency (County, Law Enforcement, Office of Health and Facility Complaints or the Department of Human Services). Each county in the state of Minnesota is legally obligated to have a CEP designated to respond to reports of suspected vulnerable adult maltreatment.  

Anyone can make a report concerning the safety of a vulnerable adult. To make a vulnerable adult report, you may:

  • Call Adult Protective Services (APS) Intake at 507-328-6400 M-F 8 am to 5 pm
  • Email directly to APS Intake at adultprotectionintake@co.olmsted.mn.us
  • Call Connections and Referrals Unit (CRU) at 507-281-6248 nights, weekends, holidays

Information that is helpful when you report, but not required:

  • The name and address of the vulnerable adult
  • The name and address of the person causing the maltreatment
  • The date and time of the alleged maltreatment
  • Details of what happened, when, where and how
  • Is the vulnerable adult still at risk

A Vulnerable Adult is any person, 18 years of age or older who:

  • Is a resident or inpatient of a facility or receives licensed services from a home care agency or personal care assistance provider who is under the medical assistance program in Minnesota 
  • Possesses a physical or mental impairment that severely limits the ability to provide for and direct his or her own care AND are unable to report to protect themselves from maltreatment because of the physical or mental limitation

Maltreatment of a Vulnerable Adult is:
(MN Statute 626.5572, subd. 2 [a][4] and subd. 2[c])

  • Physical or Emotional: conduct, intended or not, that produces physical or emotional pain or injury
  • Verbal: words or gestures that threaten, harass, disparage or humiliate
  • Sexual: violation of criminal sexual conduct or sexual contact between facility staff and a resident or client of that facility

Neglect: (MN Statute 626.5572, subd. 17).

  • Refusal, failure or omission of a caregiver that results in the deprivation of essential services or supports to obtain and maintain the mental, emotional, and physical health of the vulnerable adult.

Self Neglect: (MN Statute 626.5572, subd. 17).

(MN Statute 626.5572, subd. 17).
  • Act or omission by a vulnerable adult that could result in the deprivation of essential services or supports necessary to obtain or maintain health, safety, or comfort.

Financial Exploitation: (MN Statute 626.5572, subd. 9)

  • The use of a vulnerable adult’s person or property for another person’s profit or advantage, or the breach of a fiduciary relationship, such as a power of attorney, conservatorship, or representative payee.

The Role of Olmsted County Adult Protective Services:

  • Act as the Common Entry Point
  • Investigate allegations of maltreatment
  • Report allegation findings to DHS Background Studies Unit
  • Provide immediate protection to the vulnerable adult

Olmsted County Adult Protection staff is available to provide training and presentations on vulnerable adult and maltreatment issues.

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