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There's a proper place for all your waste in Olmsted County! 

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If you are reaping the harvest, but don’t know what to do with the vines and waste from your garden, here is a list of things you can and can’t bring to the Olmsted County Compost site. 

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 ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA, Effective August 4, 2014 the Olmsted County Kalmar Landfill Hours of Operation will change. The change detailed below is a means to more efficiently and effectively serve our customers and manage our resources. We continue and will continue to evaluate Hours of Operation

New Scale Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

  Holiday Hours 2014 (43 KB) 

PSA Christmas 2014 (50 KB) 

Holiday Hours 2015 (38 KB)

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Recycling Center Link 

Education Picture and Link
Waste Reduction/Education

Yard Waste Picture and Link
Yard Waste Composting



Hazardous Waste picture and link
Hazardous Waste Management

 Landfill picture and link

Olmsted County, utilizes an integrated approach to solid waste management to make the most beneficial use of what is thrown away. Click on the above photos for more information about each of the components. 












For more information call the Olmsted County Environmental Resources Department at 507 328-7070 or call the Garbage and Recycling Information Line 507 328-7077 (24-hours).

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