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In partnership with Legal Assistance of Olmsted County, the Olmsted County Law Library is now offering brief advice Legal Clinics to assist Pro Se / Self-represented litigants.  Our Law Clinics are an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a volunteer attorney to ask questions, discuss options, and get legal advice.  The volunteer attorney provides free (pro bono) legal time only during the clinic session, and does not become the attorney representing the case.

Please Note:  Registration and attendance at our clinics is limited to unrepresented parties who are either residents of Olmsted County, or who have cases pending in Olmsted County.

The following types of Clinics are being offered:

Employment Law and Small Claims Court This clinic has been discontinued. 

Family Law clinics are for the following types of cases:  Divorce/Dissolution; Legal Separation; Annulment, Parenting Time/Visitation; Custody; Child Support; and, Maintenance.  Please note that this clinic specifically excludes Adoption, Ante/Pre-Nuptial, and CHIPs (Child In Need of Protective Services) questions.

Financial clinics are for the following types of cases: Creditor/Debtor counseling; pre-Bankruptcy counseling; Real estate and mortgage foreclosure; how to respond/answer to a debt-related lawsuit filed against you; and, garnishment/levy against assets/attachment (debtor side only).  Please note that this clinic specifically excludes any Landlord/Tenant questions.  

Criminal Expungement clinics are an opportunity to discuss with an attorney whether the expungement process is a realistic option for your situation.  Expungement is the process of going to court to ask a judge to seal a court record.  Usually, people ask for an expungement when they have been denied a job, housing, or a professional license because of a criminal incident that shows up on a background check.

Specific clinic offerings will be found in the links to the left.  The information is changed as new offerings are added, so please check back frequently. 

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