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Falls Prevention Coalition



The Falls Prevention Coalition of Olmsted County is a network of services for citizens over 55 to decrease the number and severity of falls in order to maintain a high level of independence in their home. 

New Updated Olmsted County Exercise Resource List (PDF 145 KB)
Falls Prevention Newsletter July - September 2015 (PDF 1 MB) 

Falls Prevention Newsletter September 2014 (PDF 980 KB)
Falls Prevention Newsletter January 2014 (PDF 165 KB)

The Coalition began in 2006 and established the following core values for its members and clients: Confidentiality, Dignity, Respect, Professionalism, Caring, Prevention, Independence, and Self-sufficiency. 

The coalition also identified four main objectives to fulfill its mission and vision. 

  • Provide fall prevention education to seniors 55 years and older
  •  Provide home safety visits
  • Identify individuals at risk for additional falls
  • Collaborate with and educate other community health agencies about falls prevention.

Throughout the coalition’s existence, members have reached out to the community through approximately 40 educational presentations, performing over 110 home safety visits, as well as encouraging and creating a synergy between existing community resources and clients to eliminate gaps in fall prevention programs. 

Please click on the video link above for more information on how to prevent falls.  The DVD presents information about medication interactions, maintaining a safe home environment, as well as information about how your strength and balance can play a role in falls prevention.  There is even a section in the DVD to show you a few exercises to get you started!

To obtain a Free copy of the DVD, please contact Public Health at 507 328-7500

The coalition also offers a complete home safety visit to assess fall risks in the home.  The Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS) will help you identify tripping hazards in your home or that of a loved one.   This is a free service for residents of Olmsted County!  A trained volunteer will schedule a time to meet with you in your home and complete a safety checklist.  They will provide you with recommendations and resources to reduce common tripping hazards.

To schedule a Home Safety Visit, please contact Volunteers in Public Safety at 507 328-6895   


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