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Terry Waletzki
Director of Law Enforcement
507 328-6746

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office is a full service law enforcement agency responsible for, first response to calls for service, investigation of crimes, crime prevention and public education, warrants service and civil process in Olmsted County, in the unincorporated areas of Olmsted County. The Olmsted County Sheriff also provides contract law enforcement to the cities of Byron, Dover and Eyota, Oronoco and Stewartville Minnesota.

Executive Assistant - Laura Collins - 507 328-6750

To report a crime or speak with a deputy regarding an incident, please call our Dispatch Center:  911 or 507 328-6800

On-Line Crime Reporting

Patrol - Captain Satzke - 507 328-6765

Sgt. Rossman- 507 328-6747

Sgt. Christenson - 507 328-6747
Sgt. Kazeck - 507 328-6748
Sgt. Dammen - 507 328-6748

Investigations - Captain Behrns - 507 328-6749

Sgt. Claymon - 507 328-6752

Training & Crime Prevention - Captain Behrns - 507 328-6749

Sgt. Jacobson - 507 328-6779

Civil & Warrants - Captain Behrns - 507 328-6820 (Civil) 
507 328-6830 (Warrants)
                                                           507 328-6878 (Transports)

Sgt. Scheckel - 507 328-6744


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Olmsted County provides secure email boxes for members of the public to submit emails about confidential issues including, but not limited to, child and adult protection reports, criminal activity and public health concerns. Please use these secure email boxes for these types of issues. Olmsted County disclaims all liability for unauthorized use and dissemination of confidential information if members of the public submit emails about confidential issues using the regular unsecured county departmental email boxes.
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