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Email Encryption


On March 1st 2017, at 6:00 AM, Olmsted County will use Office 365 (O365) to encrypt emails that contain private or sensitive information. 

When Olmsted County sends you an encrypted email, you will see a message in your email inbox that contains an HTML file attachment that you can open to view the message on the Office 365 Message Encryption portal. When the secure email portal opens, you can select Use a one-time passcode.  Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

A printable version of how to open an encrypted email from Olmsted County is available here (286 KB). While the pictures might look different when compared with your email service, the general steps will be the same.

For more information, and other examples:

Helpful Microsoft Links

An encryption appliance called Zix is being used to detect whether or not outgoing emails from Olmsted County's domain contain private data. If protected data is pre-determined by application or auto-detected by the email server, these emails will be automatically encrypted. Outgoing emails that contain personal financial, HIPAA, and social security numbers could be interpreted as private by the Zix appliance and automatically encrypted.

External recipients of these emails will receive a message that the email is encrypted, and they will be required to follow a hyperlink to our vendor. This will take them to a screen like the one shown below, where they will need to select the "click here" link to create an account. After this is done the first time, any other times they receive encrypted emails from Olmsted County, they will simply have to log into the Secure Email Message Center with the password they have designated.

Zix Welcome Screen 

If the organization has a compatible encryption appliance or their own encryption process, the encryption process will be completely transparent to the sender and recipient.

Links shown below are helpful if you have forgotten your Zix password, need to change your Zix password, or would like to contact the support center for the Zix Corporation.

Password reminder:

Change password:

Contact customer support via email:


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