Public Health Ordinances

On November 11, 2017 the following Public Health ordinances were updated and approved by the Olmsted County Board to become effective  on January 1, 2018.  This ordinances were updated to reflect changes in how a notice of violation, a denial of request for exception/challenge and of a denial, suspension or revocation of license or permit issued the Public Health Department may be appealed.  The full context of the ordinance may be found here: and additional information relating to the Enforcement and Appeals Ordinance may be found on Olmsted County's Attorney's page.

Social Host Ordinance (PDF 60 KB)​

Tobacco Sales and Youth Access (PDF 22 kb)
Smoke Free Workplace Ordinance (pdf 27 KB)
Cleanup of Clandestine Drug Lab Ordinance (PDF 27 KB)
Rabies Control Ordinance (PDF 22 KB)
Public Health Environmental Services Ordinance (PDF 83KB)