Public Health Services Advisory Board


The Public Health Service Advisory Board (PHSAB) is a citizen board appointed by the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners.  Under Minnesota Statute 145A, the Olmsted County Board has authority as Public Health Board.  The Public Health Services Advisory Board acts as a community based advisory board for both Public Health and the County Health Board on emerging and ongoing public health topics.

The Advisory Board meets the first Thursday of the month, except for the month of July.  The meeting is held at the Olmsted County Public Health building located at 2100 Campus Drive SE Rochester. The time of the meeting is from 5:30 PM -7:30 PM.

Current Membership:

Kristin Fischer, Chairperson
Megan Gehle, Vice Chairperson
Ken Brown, Commissioner
Gregg Wright, Commissioner
Graham Briggs,
    Director of Public Health/Advisory Board Agent
Kelli Gillespie, Advisory Board Coordinator
Dr. Robin Molella, Medical Consultant
Ojas Bhagra, Youth Member
Trevor Coons
Stephanie Heim
James Johnson
Shikha Kumar, Youth Member
Valerie Melson
Angie Murad
Grace Pesch
Lindsey Philpot
Dr. Jennifer Rho
Belinda Selfors

Additional information about serving on this or another Olmsted County Board/Commission can be found at the Volunteer Available Positions webpage.