State - Local Partnership

Minnesota’s state-local partnership

The state-local public health partnership initiated by the Community Health Services (CHS) Act is fundamental to the success of Minnesota's public health system.    The CHS system is, in essence, an infrastructure for public health in Minnesota – a systematic organization of local health authorities that makes it possible for state and local governments to combine resources to serve public health needs. The CHS system recognizes the different needs of communities around the state, provides the flexibility to address specific needs, and promotes direct and timely communications between state and local health departments. The CHS system is a responsive, successful, and cost-effective state and local partnership that relies upon shared goals and a strong desire to work together to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. Many aspects of Minnesota’s public health system make it an effective partnership. State and local governments share responsibility and a mission for public health. The State CHS Advisory Committee helps to coordinate policy development and planning. State and local governments jointly develop goals and guidelines and share responsibility for public health in Minnesota. Communities regularly assess their health status with the assistance of the MDH. And multiple channels of communication make it possible to share information on a regular basis.