Organizational Structure


Olmsted County Public Health Services is divided into four branches:

Disease Prevention & Control: provides education, clinical services, surveillance investigation, and follow-up to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and promote healthy lifestyles.  Services include immunizations, well child checkups through the Child and Teen Check-up program, nursing consultation for the Adult Detention Center, Refugee health screenings for green card eligibility, and testing for TB, STI's and HIV, pregnancy, and lead. 

Healthy Communities: provides population-based programs that focus on preventing chronic disease (obesity, heart disease, cancers, diabetes, etc) by promoting healthy living through education, advocacy, policy, system and environmental change strategies in worksites, communities, schools and healthcare settings.  Services include school public health nursing, health education, health promotion, and coalition building.

Healthy Children and Families: provides individual public health nursing visits, educational classes and groups in the home, clinic and community setting, and information, support and referral to community resources to families who are pregnant or have infants and preschool children.  

Environmental Health: provides a range of services to identify and address health & safety risks in the home, at work and in the community. Services include licensing, inspecting and reviewing plans for new facilities to identify and resolve risks in food service facilities, lodging facilities, public swimming pools, campgrounds, and manufactured home parks.  Respond and investigate reports of foodborne illness and nuisance conditions, and provide testing services for drinking water and radon.