For Adults and Seniors


Olmsted County Public Health Services provides several programs and services for adults and seniors.  This includes assessment and case management services to adults and seniors in the home and community setting to disabled and older adults at risk of nursing home placement or at high risk of a hospital level of care.  Health promotion services, along with information and referral are provided to support healthy lifestyles and active chronic care management for older adults. 

Community Care Team

The Olmsted County community care team is a group of health and community service providers that work together to support your primary care team to help you manage your chronic health conditions. The team consists of a partnership between Olmsted County Public Health, Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center (OMC), Elder Network, and Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA) and is available to any adult in Olmsted County who receives primary care through Mayo or OMC could benefit from Olmsted County community based support and assistance to meet their health care goals. The service is free of charge and is funded by The Minnesota State Innovation Model (SIM) grant and the Minnesota Department of Health (DHS). For more information contact Olmsted County Public Health at 328-6400


Long Term Care Consultation (LTCC):
This program assists individuals with long term or chronic care needs to make choices about long term care.    

There are several different programs that are targeted to specific age groups and targeted to specific types of disabilities.

  • The first step to access services is a call to our intake worker at 507 328-6519
  • Over the phone we will explore with you the what you think you might want or need
  • What types of services may be available
  • Review eligibility criteria for various options
  • Review the types of supports you may already have in place
  • Determine together if a home visit to conduct an assessment is of interest

The assessment is referred to as a Long Term Care Consultation or a MnCHOICES Assessment. At the conclusion of the assessment, recommendations will be made for you to consider in determining your need for support. The waiver programs listed below each have some very specific eligibility criteria. You may choose, if you meet the criteria, to participate in one of the waiver programs. You could also choose to find alternative ways to meet your needs. The program contains:

Long Term Care Services & Supports for persons over age 65

  • Long Term Care Consultation
  • Relocation Service Coordination
  • AC – Alternative Care
  • EW – Elderly Waiver
  • PCA – Personal Care Assistance
  • ECS – Essential Community Supports 

Call 507 328-6519 for additional information.