For Adults and Seniors


Olmsted County Public Health Services provides several programs and services for adults and seniors.  This includes assessment and case management services to adults and seniors in the home and community setting to disabled and older adults at risk of nursing home placement or at high risk of a hospital level of care.  Health promotion services, along with information and referral are provided to support healthy lifestyles and active chronic care management for older adults. 

Community Care Team

The Olmsted County community care team is a group of health and community service providers that work together to support your primary care team to help you manage your chronic health conditions. The team consists of a partnership between Olmsted County Public Health, Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center (OMC), Elder Network, and Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA) and is available to any adult in Olmsted County who receives primary care through Mayo or OMC could benefit from Olmsted County community based support and assistance to meet their health care goals. The service is free of charge and is funded by The Minnesota State Innovation Model (SIM) grant and the Minnesota Department of Health (DHS). For more information contact Olmsted County Public Health at 328-6400


Long Term Care Consultation (LTCC):
This program assists individuals with long term or chronic care needs to make choices about long term care.
The LTCC program goal is to
  • Provide information and early assistance
  • Connect people with needed services
  • Maintain people in their own homes
  • Support choice and informed decision making
  • Support caregivers 

A County Public Health Nurse or Social Worker will visit with you in your home or long term care facility to help identify the type of program you might want or need and help plan those services. There is no charge for this visit regardless of a person's income or assets or eligibility for other services or funding. To find out more information or schedule a visit you may call: 507 328-6400.

Personal Care Assessments (PCA):  The PCA program provides assistance with activities of daily living for disabled individuals and individuals with special healthcare needs living independently in the community and requiring assistance and are enrolled in Medical Assistance.  This program assesses the individual to determine eligibility and appropriate level of care and provide information on care options. To find out more information or make a referral for PCA assessment, contact Community Services intake at 507 328-6519.

Case Management/Care Coordination: Public Health Nurses help clients access needed services (medical, social and other services as required), assure continuity of care, coordinate the service plan and monitor the delivery of services provided. Our goal is to assist clients to remain safe and as independent as possible in the community setting.  Public Health Nurses also work with individuals on Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) and will complete an assessment of a client's medical, social/ environmental and mental health needs and develop an interdisciplinary care plan with a preventive focus to meet their needs as determined during the assessment.  One component of this care plan may include assisting the client with planning and writing an Advance Directive.  With the care plan in place the Public Health Nurse assures continuity of care and coordination by meeting with the client on a regular basis to evaluate status and modify care plan as needed.