To license a new business
 see the Construction or Plan Review page. 

Change of ownership for an existing business
  • If taking over an existing business with no changes, contact OCPHS Environmental Health plan review staff at 507 328-7500.
  • An environmental health specialist will give final approval if the business complies with requirements, determine the license fee category, and provide a license application form.
  • The business cannot be opened until approval is granted and the license application and fees have been submitted to OCPHS.

License Applications

Food service licensing 
Hotel, Motel, Lodging and Boarding Establishments (39 KB)
Pools License Application (42 KB)
Manufactured Home Park/Recreational Camping Area (41 KB)
Special Event Camping Application (36 KB)
Youth Camp License Application (44 KB)
Tobacco Sales License Application (39 KB)