Food Service Inquiries


Safe Food Service is Good Business!

Information regarding Food and Beverage Establishment Licensing, food service construction, food manager certification, regulations, and the food code.

Certified Food Protection Manager
The State of Minnesota requires a Minnesota Certified Food Protection Manager in most food establishments. Food manager certification is administered by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Licensing your Food and beverage Establishment
Olmsted County public Health licenses local food and beverage establishments through a delegation agreement with the Minnesota Department of Public health.

Food establishment Construction
Minnesota Rule 4626.1720 requires that properly prepared plans, specifications and the required plan review fee be submitted to the regulatory authority for review and approval when a food establishment is newly constructed, extensively remodeled, or if an existing structure is converted into a food establishment before any work has begun.

Food stand Licensing
A special event food stand is a food and beverage service establishment which is used in conjunction with celebrations and special events, and which operates for no more than ten total days annually.

A seasonal temporary food stand is a food and beverage service establishment which is a temporary food service stand or building, but which operates no more than 21 days at any one location.

All food stands must be operated in compliance with the Minnesota Food Code.