Pregnancy and Parenting Programs


Olmsted County Public Health Services provides individual visits, classes and groups in the home, clinic and community setting to families who are pregnant or have infants and preschool children. Information, support and referral to community resources is provided by the public health nurse in the following programs:

Family Home Visiting Programs

All our family home visiting programs provide parent support, promote an enjoyable parent-child relationship, and encourage the healthy social-emotional and physical development of the child. Ongoing parenting information and support is provided through home visits by a public health nurse. Contact us for more information and for eligibility requirements.

Bright Futures is a teen pregnancy and parenting support program. Teens may work with a public health nurse and/or social worker.  
Bright Futures brochure  (1.17 MB)

Bright Futures Brochure (20 KB)

Baby Steps is a parenting support program for first time parents. Families are enrolled either during pregnancy or within 3 months of the baby’s birth. Visits are provided by a public health nurse and a social worker until the child turns 24 - 36 months old. Monthly family group activities are provided.      

Steps to Success is a program for families who are expecting their second or third child and that child is under 3 months of age and their other children are under the age of five. Visits are provided by a public health nurse and a social worker until their youngest child turns 24 -36 months old.  
    Steps to Success brochure (710 KB)

Pregnancy and Parenting Connections is a pregnancy and parenting support program. Families are enrolled during pregnancy and/or when parenting a child birth to five years.

Watch the video below to view actual nurse home visits.


Breastfeeding Support and Promotion in the Community

In recognition of the well documented health advantages of breastfeeding for infants and mothers, Olmsted County Public Health Services encourages, supports and promotes breastfeeding in the community.