Community Dialogues

​The Community Health Assessment and Planning (CHAP) process values the opportunity to hear from the community in every step.  The Community Dialogues provided an opportunity during the creation of the data profiles and the 2018 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to incorporate the voice of community members.  Community Dialogue participants shared their thoughts and ideas about the CHIP priorities and action steps they would like to see.
Below you will find the full Community Dialogues report that details the process used, questions that were asked and overall themes.  Additionally, summaries for each of the CHIP priorities are included as well as an executive summary.

2017 Community Dialogues Report (PDF 2.7 MB)

2017 Community Dialogues Executive Summary (PDF 414 KB)

Financial Stress
Housing Summary (PDF 754 KB)
Childcare Summary (PDF 748 KB)

Mental Health
Mental Health Summary (PDF 774 KB)

Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention
Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention Summary (PDF 730 KB)

Overweight and Obesity
Overweight and Obesity Summary (PDF 856 KB)

Vaccine Preventable Diseases
HPV Summary (PDF 817 KB)