2013 Community Health Needs Assessment

The 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for Olmsted County culmination of a collaborative effort between Olmsted County Public Health Services, Olmsted Medical Center, and Mayo Clinic Rochester.  Below you will find the full CHNA document; the CHNA executive summary; the CHNA document broken down by six sections; and the CHNA supplemental document. 


Full CHNA Document (PDF 2.45 MB) 


CHNA Executive Summary (PDF 512 KB)


Health Outcomes 
(PDF 345 KB) 
    Infant Mortality
    Overall Mortality
    Life Expectancy

  Morbidity (PDF  512 KB)
    Vaccine Preventable Diseases
    Adult Obesity
    Multiple Chronic Conditions
    Dental Disease
    Mental Health
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Health Factors 
  Health Behaviors
 (PDF 380 KB)
    Adult Tobacco Use
    Adolescent Alcohol Use
    Healthy Eating
    School Food Environment
    Physical Activity

Clinical Care (PDF 533 KB) 
    Insurance Coverage
    Routine Dental Care
    Routine Medical Care
    Prenatal Care
    Breast Cancer Screening
    Diabetes Management
    Colorectal Cancer Screening
    Cholesterol Screening 

 Social and Economic Factors (PDF 509 KB)
    Education Level
    Financial Stress
    Neighborhood Safety
    Access Deprivation
    Early Childhood Screening

 Physical Environment (PDF 522 KB)  
    Healthy Food Access
    Housing Conditions
    Air Quality
    Water Quality  

CHNA Supplemental Document (PDF 645 KB )


Would you like more information regarding the CHNA? 


Olmsted County Public Health Services

Health Assessment and Planning Division

507 328-7500

CHNA Purpose

A Community Health [Needs] Assessment provides the foundation for improving and promoting the health of the community. A Community Health [Needs] Assessment identifies and describes factors that affect the health of a population, and factors that determine the availability of resources within the community to adequately address health concerns. Through the assessment process, a County Health Board identifies and describes the health status of the community; factors in the community that contribute to health challenges; and existing community assets and resources that can be mobilized to improve the health status of the community. The Community Health [Needs] Assessment, therefore, assures that local resources are directed toward activities and interventions that address critical and timely public health needs.
– Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Performance Improvement