School Public Health Nurse Program Annual Report

Olmsted County Public Health Services has a long history of partnering with schools, students, families and the community to advance the health and well-being of Olmsted County students. School public health nurses (PHNs) support child and adolescent growth and development by providing student-centered services that address specific needs through teaching, advocacy, health promotion, referral and follow up. They empower students and families to develop their highest level of wellness. School PHNs value health equity and focus on helping to improve social determinants of health at the individual, systems and community levels. School PHNs implement best practices, gather data on what is working at schools, and build upon this by expanding to other schools. They are community connectors who tirelessly focus on advancing student health through community engagement. They work with community partners to connect students, families and schools to available community resources. This is done by working collaboratively with community partners to leverage additional resources from hospitals, clinics, and other community organizations interested in improving the health of children, youth and families.

This report provides an overview of the services provided by the School Public Health Nurse Program.

School Public Health Annual Report (PDF 3 MB)
School Public Health Annual Report (508 Compliant PDF 649 KB)