Current Legislation

Minnesota State Capitol Building

91st Minnesota Legislature (2019 – 2020)

  • Convening on February 11, 2020
  • Adjourning no later than May 18, 2020
For up to date information please visit the Minnesota Legislature website.

Listed below are Olmsted County’s legislative priorities for 2020. If you’d like more information about any of these priorities, please contact Jennifer Berquam

County-specific priorities

Graham Park Regional Expo Building

Olmsted County requests $12.5 million in state bonding funds to build a regional multipurpose expo building at Graham Park, which will be the cornerstone of a renovated park designed to meet regional and community needs year-round. The county will match the requested state bonding dollars with $12.5 million in county funds.

County Road 104/Trunk Highway 14 Proposed Interchange – Phase 1

Olmsted County requests state capital investment for engineering services and acquisition of right of way for a proposed interchange at CR 104 and TH 14 (Phase I of the project). The county requests $3.5 million in state bonding dollars for the state share of the project to be matched with $1.5 million in county funds for the county share of the project. (A high-level review of the Minnesota Department of Transportation cost participation policy indicates a 70/30 split).

Materials Recovery Facility Design Phase

Olmsted County requests $300,000 state bonding dollars for 50% of the cost to design and engineer a new materials recovery facility (MRF) adjoining the Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Facility. The MRF would reclaim materials and remove problematic items from the waste system. I would also promote innovation and collaboration and be responsive to the changing recycling industry. 

Pathways Toward Prosperity and Well-being

Olmsted County requests $1 million in state funding for each of the next three fiscal years to leverage an additional $2.8 million per year from private sources to fully fund and implement a flexible benefit set component of the Pathways Toward Prosperity and Well-being pilot program.
Pathways Toward Prosperity and Well-Being is a whole family approach to serving families. It is a multi-year pilot program with a long-term goal of transforming national policy and practice in ways that better support low income families’ moving out of poverty and improve economic conditions from one generation to the next. 

Statewide priorities

Transportation Bonding

Olmsted County supports increased bonding investments for statewide local transportation infrastructure programs: $100 million for the Local Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program, $100 million for the Local Road Improvement Program and $26 million for the Local Road Wetland Replacement Program.

New Revenues for Transportation

Olmsted County supports comprehensive, sustainable transportation funding that includes new revenues, such as gas tax and electric vehicle fee increases, for roads, bridges and transit.

State Capital Investment in Housing

Olmsted County supports state capital investment for housing, focused on increasing the supply of housing with respect to homelessness, seniors and the workforce.

Probation Reform

Olmsted County supports a five-year cap on certain felony probation sentences (excluding certain homicides and sex offenses) in Minnesota, consistent with the adopted Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines proposal. This will benefit communities by ensuring limited resources are allocated to clients who pose the most risk allowing for public safety to be maintained.

Tax Forfeiture Properties Clean-up Costs

Olmsted County supports state funding for the clean-up and maintenance of blighted or environmentally contaminated tax-forfeited properties. 

Compensation Limits

Olmsted County supports amending Minnesota Statutes 43A.17, Subd. 9 to remove the total compensation limits for positions in local government, often referred to as the governor’s salary cap. This change will help allow locally elected officials the ability to govern and make the best possible local decisions to carefully manage local tax dollars and best serve residents.