Olmsted County Attorney

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Mark A. Ostrem, Olmsted County Attorney

Olmsted County Attorney's Office Mission Statement:

To promote justice and public safety by zealous yet discretionary prosecution balancing the rights of individuals and the paramount needs of society.


County Attorneys in the State of Minnesota are responsible for the prosecution of all felony crimes committed by adults in the respective County as well as lesser crimes in the townships. The County Attorney also prosecutes all juveniles who commit crimes regardless of the seriousness of the offense. The responsibility of prosecution includes providing support and assistance to victims of crimes. 

The County Attorney serves as the legal advisor for the County Board and departments and represents the County in all civil litigation in which the County has no insurance coverage.

The County Attorney, nor his staff, is allowed to represent or provide legal services to private citizens.

There are three main areas of prosecution within the County Attorney's office, they are:

Criminal Division

Civil Division

Child Support Division

In addition to the three main areas of prosecution, the Olmsted County Attorney's office hires law clerks for the academic year and summer. This program offers courtroom experiences as well as research and writing assignments. The Olmsted County Attorney's office seeks law clerks that have an interest in public service and greater Minnesota.

Law Clerks

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