Lobbying and Advocacy

Individuals, organizations and special interest groups use advocates (lobbyists) to represent them at the Minnesota Capitol whenever they determine that state government impacts them enough, either negatively or positively, to make the benefits of that advocacy more than the cost.

Counties in Minnesota are an arm of state government, and as such deliver a host of state programs in a manner determined by the state and often only partially funded by the state. It is up to counties to suggest changes in these programs to make them more efficient and effective as well as to point out to the legislature and governor when any of their proposals will negatively impact local property taxes or the delivery of these services. Sometimes, we even have new ideas to address current or evolving issues in a better way, which we need state approval and/or funding to advance.

State legislators are inundated with requests from multiple interests including the administration on a wide variety of topics (an average biennium sees 3000 bills introduced). Our local leaders have appreciated hearing Olmsted County’s perspective on how these ideas would impact our county and its taxpayers before they vote, as well as receiving critical background on how county services are delivered and what changes may be needed at our Candidates’ Fairs and Legislative Agenda meetings.

Olmsted County is a member of the following associations:

Olmsted County employs one lobbyist to manage intergovernmental relations as outlined in Olmsted County's Legislative Agenda (781KB). The 2016 Olmsted County Legislative Agenda was approved by the County Board at the December 15, 2015, Board meeting (2.67MB).

Olmsted County contracts with Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P. for Federal representation on Federal aspects of transportation issues. This contract was approved at the January 19, 2016, County Board meeting (24432KB).