Developmental Disabilities - Child

Children's Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator may be able to assist with:   
  • Identifying if your child has developmental delays or meets related conditions criteria.
  • Planning services in cooperation with schools, public health, and other community resources.
  • Obtaining physical adaptations or equipment for your child.
  • Obtaining in-home medical or therapy services.
  • Finding respite care in or out of home.
  • Connecting with appropriate financial and/or medical resources.
  • Looking at other family needs involved when caring for a child with developmental delays.
How do I make a referral for case management services through the Children's Developmental Disabilities unit?   
Contact the intake worker at 507 328-6519
A service coordinator will contact you to review all or some of the following: standardized testing, assessment of adoptive skills, medical evaluations, school testing and reports.

Evaluations and assessments may be reviewed by the Related Conditions Team to determine eligibility for Developmental Disabilities services.

If the child qualifies for case management services a service coordinator will be assigned to your family in a timely manner.