Alternative Care

If you are 65 and older and examining your options in long-term care, the Alternative Care (AC) may be able to help you pay for some services. You must meet certain income and asset requirements, and you must choose to receive community services instead of moving to a nursing home.

The program fact sheet is available on the Minnesota Department of Human Services web site.  

What is the Alternative Care Program
The Alternative Care (AC) Program is a state-funded cost-sharing program that supports certain home- and community-based services for eligible Minnesotans, age 65 and over. This program provides home- and community-based services to prevent and delay transitions to nursing facility level of care. The program prevents the impoverishment of eligible seniors and shares the cost of care with clients by maximizing use of their own resources. It is administered by counties and tribal health agencies.  
What types of services are available? 
  • Adult day service
  • Care-related supplies and equipment 
  • Case management 
  • Chore services 
  • Companion services 
  • Consumer-directed community supports 
  • Home health aides 
  • Home-delivered meals 
  • Homemaker services 
  • Environmental accessibility adaptations 
  • Nutrition services 
  • Personal care 
  • Respite care 
  • Skilled nursing 
  • Specialized equipment and supplies 
  • Training and support for family caregivers 
  • Transportation
Who is eligible?
A person age 65 and older who is assessed through the Long-Term Care Consultation process is eligible for Alternative Care funding when the following are met:  
  • The person is in need of nursing facility level of care and admission is recommended
  • The person's income and assets would be inadequate to fund a nursing facility stay for more than 135 days
  • The monthly cost of AC services must be less than 75 percent of the average Medicaid payment limit for older people with a comparable case mix classification
  • The person chooses to receive community-based services instead of nursing facility services
  • The person pays the assessed monthly fee
  • No other funding source is available for the community services
If you would like to apply to the program, please call 507 328-6519.