Adoption Services


Olmsted County Social Services provides adoption services to children in the Minnesota Waiting Children’s Program and the families who seek to adopt them.

  • Children who are available for adoption come from throughout the State of Minnesota and almost all of them have been removed from their biological families due to abuse or neglect.
  • There are typically between 500 & 600 “waiting children” across the state, with Olmsted usually having between 0 and 8 at any given time.
  • Most waiting children are over the age of 8, many have physical and/or emotional disabilities, some are brothers and sisters who want to stay together, and many are children of color. 
There is not a fee for adoption services for special needs children, and there are funds available before and after adoption to help families. 

If interested, you will need to go through the same licensing process as one does to become a foster parent. Please check our Child Foster Care Licensing web page for more detail. 

Once your home study is completed and you are licensed for foster care:

  • We will register you on the Minnesota Adoption Exchange or help connect you with some of the children involved in concurrent planning.
  • The Adoption Exchange, in addition to our agency, will attempt to match you with Minnesota waiting children or those children who come into placement with our agency that need a resource family.
  • Resource family homes provide care for children, actively support reunification while committing to the possibility of adoption if reunification cannot take place.  
We encourage you to call and ask any questions that you develop throughout the process. We can be reached at 507-328-6456 or 507 328-6432 if you have questions or want more information.
 MN DHS Fact Sheets are now available online.
 Adoption Information, Support, Training and Referral for Families (27 KB PDF)
 Adoption and Concurrent Permanency Planning: Working together to help families (19 KB PDF)