Child Care Provider Information

The information sheets and forms are Adobe PDF documents or links to the MN Department of Human Services web pages and will open in a separate window.  

Admissions Packet

1. Family Day Care Admission and Arrangements (DHS website)
​2. Family Child Care Allergy Information Form (DHS website)

3. Family and Group Family Day Care Rule Summary For Parents (25 KB)

4.  Immunization Record (181 KB) 
5.  Permission To Administer (12 KB)
6.  Permission To Administer Prescription Medication (14 KB)
7.  Reporting Abuse Policy (133 KB)

Background Check Forms

1.  Consent Form (28 KB)

2.  Consent Form for New Household Member Ages 13 and Older and Current Household Members Turning Age 13 (20 KB)

3.  Consent Form for Substitutes Helpers and Employees of Child Care Facilities (20 KB)

Change of Premise

1.  Family Child Care Monitoring Questionnaire (91 KB)

2.  Family Systems Application  (120 KB) 

3.  Floor and Escape Plan (257 KB)

General Information & Forms

​1.  Annual Training Requirements (28 KB)

​2.  Bleach Alternative Checklist (16 KB)

3.  Child/Adult Ratios and Age Restrictions (12 KB)

4.  Child Care Licensing Contact Information (236 KB)

5.  Crib Inspection Monthly Form (DHS 16_178540)

6.  Emergency Numbers (20 KB)

7.  Family Child Care Liability Insurance Notice to Parents (22 KB)

8.  Fire and Storm Drill Log (97 KB)

9.  Food Programs (MN Department of Education)

10. Guidelines for Developing a Provider Policy (25 KB) 

11. Incident Report Form (23 KB)

12. Infant Less Than Six Months of Age Regularly Rolling Over (104 KB)

​13.  Initial Requirements for New Second Adult Caregivers, Substitutes and Helpers (19 KB)

14. Licensing Fees (17 KB)

15. Parental Consent for Swaddling an Infant (88 KB) 

16. Physician Directive for Infant Sleep Position (41KB)

17. Physician's Report (47 KB)

18. Preschool Programs (12 KB)

19. Training and Tracking Information Form (92 KB)

20. Variance Request.pdf (152 KB) 

Wading Pools & Swimming Pools
Provider Information:
1.  Family Child Care: Best Practices Guide for Wading Pools

Parent Information:

1.  Fact Sheet-Risks of Wading Pools at Child Care Homes (18KB)

2.  Fact Sheet-Risks of Swimming Pools at Child Care Homes (24 KB)

3.  Wading Pool Letter and Parent Permission Form (15 KB)

4.  Swimming Pool Letter (14KB)    

5.  Swimming Pool Parent Permission Form (14 KB)