Child Protection

Day Crisis Phone: 507 328-6400  
After Hours Crisis Phone: 507 535-5625

Anyone can make a report concerning the safety of a child. This can be done by phone, mail or in person.

  • Please do not submit any reports involving abuse or maltreatment of a child to Community Services through the Olmsted County website.
  • E-mailed information cannot be made totally secure from unauthorized persons who use the internet.
  • As a result, Olmsted County cannot insure the confidentiality of any information submitted in this manner as required by Minnesota law and Olmsted County waives all liability for unauthorized use or distribution of any information submitted in this manner.
  • Please submit any reports involving abuse or maltreatment of a child only to child protection intake workers in the community services department by phone, by mail or orally in person. Your cooperation with this request is appreciated.


Mandated Reporter Information 

Target Population:
Children aged 0 to 18 years and their families. 

Crisis Response:
Is available 24 hours a day to respond to reports of child abuse and child welfare concerns. Staff assist with questions and referrals to appropriate programs and services within Community Services and the Olmsted County service community.

By providing prevention and early intervention services, Intake assists individuals and families with issues before they escalate into dangerous situations, to possibly prevent individuals from becoming more deeply involved with the system.

Child Abuse:
Any physical or mental injury or threatened injury inflicted by a person responsible for the child's care on a child other than by accidental means; or physical injury that cannot reasonably be explained by the child's history of injuries. (MN Statute: 626.556 Subd. 2d)

Child Neglect:
Failure by a person responsible for a child's care to supply a child necessary food, clothing, shelter, or medical care when reasonably able to do so; or failure to protect a child from actions or conditions which imminently and seriously endanger the child's physical or mental health when reasonable able to do so;or failure to take steps to ensure that a child is educated in accordance with state law. Neglect also includes prenatal exposure to a controlled substance. (MN Statue 626.556, Subd. 2c)

Early Intervention

Parent Support and Outreach Program of Olmsted County, (PSOP)

PSOP is a voluntary program offering short term services for parents to access when they need support with tasks such as connecting to community resources and information, assistance in planning how to meet daily obligations, parent education and child development, decision making and case planning.  


C.A.R.E. (Child Adult Relationship Enrichment Program ) a voluntary 2 year early intervention/prevention program designed to work on improving family stability, parent-child attachment, and safety in homes where a parent has been diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness and there is a child/children between the ages of 0-5.

In order to make a referral to either program, please call Olmsted County Child and Family Services intake at 507 328-6400.