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Baby Steps

The Baby Steps Program is a voluntary program designed for first-time parents, 18 years or older, who have two or more of the following risk factors:  
  • Limited social support
  • Less than high school education
  • Low income
  • A childhood history of abuse or neglect
  • Diagnosed mental illness
Baby Steps is a parent support program that promotes both an enjoyable parent-child relationship and healthy social-emotional development of the child. Families receive ongoing support and information in many areas including healthy pregnancy, child development, parenting, housing, budgeting, education and work goals, goal setting, etc.

The Baby Steps Program includes home visits by a Public Health Nurse and a Social Worker, monthly family activities (which all include child development activities provided by PAIIR), coordination with other service providers, and videotaping of parent/child interactions.

Referrals to Baby Steps are made during pregnancy or soon after delivery (up until the baby is about 6 weeks old). Families participate in the program until the child's second birthday.

For more information or to refer someone to the program, please call 507 328-6400 or 507 328-7500. You will then be directed to the appropriate staff member. 
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