CS Publications



            Acronym List (79 KB PDF)
  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) - Mn DHS Presentation (3.5 MB PDF)
  ACES Report Understanding and Preventing Child Abuse Video
  Community Services Integration Team (186 KB PDF) 
  MnChoices Informational Sheet (98 KB PDF)
  MnSure Informational Sheet (73 KB PDF)
  The Impact of Homelessness and Education Outcomes for Children(130 KB PDF) 


  Maxfield Housing Needs Assessment(6.7 MB PDF)

Summary of Findings from Maxfield Housing Needs Assessment (142 KB PDF)


Summary of Graphs and Tables from Maxfield Housing Needs Assessment (186 KB PDF) 



  Health Care Exchange - Affordable Health Care Act(2.4 MB PDF) 
  Preliminary Comprehensive Civil Rights LEP Plan  (2,660 KB PDF) 
  DFO Comprehensive Plan(1.8 MB PDF) 
  DFO comprehensive Plan Draft 2015-2016(2.3 MB PDF)
  Heading Home Olmsted (158 KB PDF)
  2016-2017 MFIP Biennial Service Agreement (311 KB PDF)


  Center for Integrated HI Integration (2.6 MB PDF)
  Creating A Constructive Practice: Family & Professional Partnership in High-risk Child Protection Case Conference(441 KB PDF) 
  Community Resource Guide(354 KB PDF) 
  Differential Response(248 KB PDF) 
  Faces of Poverty(18 MB PDF)
  Integrating Domestic Violence Intervention (435 KB PDF) 
  Kinship Foster Care Placement Research Brief(712 KB PDF) 
  One Family's Journey: A Case Study Utilizing Complimentary Conferencing Processes(89 KB PDF) 
  Structured Decision Making Strengths and Needs Profile  (342 KB PDF)
  Senior Summit Final Report (1.3 MB PDF)
  Ways of Working in Child Welfare Practice (235 KB PDF)
  Wilder Foundation Report Innovations in Child Protection Services in Minnesota(1 MB PDF)
  Youth & Family Homeless Report(1 MB PDF)

Annual Reports

Adult & Family Services Adult & Family Services Division Annual Report(901 KB PDF)
  Volunteer Driver Annual Report(399 KB PDF)
  Volunteer Driver Executive Summary(258 KB PDF) 
  Warmline Annual Report (1380 KB PDF)
Ways To Give Executive Summary - (97 KB PDF)
  Ways To Give Annual Report (364 KB PDF) 
Child & Family Services Bending The Arc(10 KB PDF) 
​Child & Family Services Combined Report - 2015 (12,965 KB PDF)

Child Protection Annual Report - 2015 (775 KB PDF)
Child Protection Supplement - 2015 (262KB)

  Crisis Nursery Executive Summary - 2015 (685 KB PDF) 
  Family Involvement Strategies Annual Report - 2014 (907 KB PDF) 
  Licensing Annual Report - 2015 (641 KB PDF)
  Out of Home Placement Annual Report - 2015 (808 KB PDF) 
  Parent Support Outreach Program Annual Report - 2015 (780 KB PDF) 
Parent Support Outreach Program Executive Summary - 2015 (451 KB PDF)
  PACE/HOPE Annual Report Executive Summary - 2015 (1 MB PDF)
  Youth Behavioral Health Executive Summary - 2015 (1,516 KB PDF) 
DFO Community Corrections DFO Community Corrections Annual Report (150 KB PDF) 
  DFO Community Corrections Comprehensive Plan 2011 - 2012(1.8 MB PDF)
  Wilder Foundation Evaluation on Treatment Programs (58 KB PDF)  
Family Support & Assistance Family Support & Assistance (FSA) Division Annual Report (307 KB PDF)
Veterans ServicesVeteran Services Annual Report - 2016 (2,952 KB PDF)
Veteran Family Services Program (577 KB PDF)
Veterans Advocate - May (3 MB PDF)
Veterans Advocate - April (2,861 KB PDF)