Community Services Advisory Board

"To deliver a range of social services driven by community needs and legal mandates which are guided by quality, effectiveness, accountability, and efficiency." 
The Community Services Advisory Board (CSAB) is appointed by the County Board and is responsible for making recommendations to the County Board on the policy of all social services for Olmsted County.

The Community Services Advisory Board will represent the citizens at large and will advocate to the County Board for the balanced program of social services for residents within the financial resources (internal/external) of the County.

Annually, the CSAB develops the Social Services Community Assessment, which evolves from; reviewing unmet needs, testimony from the public hearings (held the 2nd Wednesday in May), written testimony, and workgroups identifying concepts and strategies.
The respective Health, Housing & Human Services Directors serve as ex-officio members:

Paul Fleissner, Deputy County Administrator
507 328-6350

Sarah Oachs, Director of Administration
507 328-6532

Amy Thompson, Director of Adult & Family Services
507 328-6352

Amy Shillabeer, Director of Child & Family Services
507 328-6351

Corrine Erickson, Director of Family Support & Assistance
507 328-6644

Current Membership
Susan Ahlquist 
​Alex Alexander, Chair
Jim Bier, Commissioner
Melissa Brandt, Vice-Chair
​Emily JohnstonPatrick Keane
​Kelly KirkpatrickJinglin Li
​Arhan MehtaJoMarie Morris
Stephanie Podulke, CommissionerWalter L. Smith III
​Deborah Trahan​Tierre Webster
Shirley Westbrook