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Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted County Community Corrections is a three county community corrections system that provides corrections supervision and services to adults and juveniles in the three counties. DFO Community Corrections also provides Victim Services in the three counties. In Olmsted County services are organized and provided based on offender characteristics or services provided.  

Intake Unit
The Intake Unit completes assessments and pre-sentence investigations on adult offenders and determines appropriate level of supervision to be provided. 
Supervision Unit-Sex Offender/Supervised Release /Violent Offender 
Supervision Unit-Domestic Violence/Female Offender/ Drug and Property Offender

These two adult supervision units supervise specific types offenders based on either type of offense or type of supervision (probation or supervised release). Supervision includes monitoring court ordered conditions, development of case plans, referral to appropriate community resources and assessment of risk and needs. Probation officers may also be involved in co-facilitation of treatment group and providing educational programming to offenders   


Juvenile Unit
This unit provides community supervision, monitoring of court ordered conditions, restorative justice opportunities, coordination of collateral services and out-of-home placements, investigative services and reports to the court on juvenile offenders. Correctional counseling of probation, parole and extended jurisdiction juvenile offenders through contact with the individual, their families and other community resources is also provided.  

Victim Services/Restorative Justice Program
In all three counties, Victim Services provides services to primary and secondary victims of sexual assault and other types of crime to restore emotional/material losses to the degree possible. The program works to facilitate understanding of the criminal justice system on the part of victims. The program assists victims with understanding and navigating the prosecution and disposition process of the court system.
Victim Services also provides education and prevention programming through educational theater pieces provided to area school aged children.
The Restorative Justice Unit provides supervised Community Work Services programming for adult and juvenile offenders at work sites in Olmsted County. 

Dodge County Court Services
Fillmore County Court
DFO Community Corrections has offices and personnel in Dodge County and Fillmore County that provide the same services to adult and juvenile offenders that are provided in Olmsted County. Some offenders in these two counties are supervised by specialized agents working out of Olmsted County but the same services are provided consistently across the three counties. 
Dodge County
22 6th Street East
Department 252
Mantorville, MN 55955
Fax: 507 635-6194
Fillmore County
PO Box 33
Preston, MN 55965
Fax:507 765-5440

Olmsted County
151 4th Street SE
Rochester, MN 55904
Phone: 507 328-7200
Fax: 507 328-7951  

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