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Adult & Juvenile Probation


The Adult Division holds offenders accountable while promoting change through the principles of "correctional best practices", measured assessments, and program initiatives, which target and reduce criminogenic factors.  

  • Agents (probation officers) promote personal responsibility in offenders by encouraging pro-social attitudes, while connecting offenders with resources that address individual needs. 
  • Victims are served through restorative justice measures implemented by probation officers, other professional staff (Victim Services), and volunteers. 
  • Agents provide probation, supervised release, investigative services and reports for the Court and Department of Corrections. Additional duties may include treatment group co-facilitation, transfer investigations, collateral services, and assessments.
The Olmsted Supervision Unit is sub-divided into three specialized teams (Female, Domestic/Violent, and Drug/Alcohol/Property) in order to better address the unique needs of offenders. The Unit manages cases, except sex offenses, of adult offenders requiring correctional supervision. 

The Adult Probation Division consists of the following: 

  • Olmsted County Intake Unit
  • Olmsted County Supervision Unit
  • DFO Sex Offender Unit
  • Dodge and Fillmore Probation 
The Juvenile Division provides community supervision, monitoring of court-ordered conditions, and restorative justice opportunities to corrections involved youth and their parents. We coordinate collateral services/out-of home placements, and provide investigative services/reports for the court; in addition we provide information and correctional counseling of probation, parole and extended jurisdictional juvenile offenders through contact with the individual, their families and other system professionals.

Our programs and contracted services include:
  • Juvenile Diversion
  • Juvenile Administrative Supervision
  • Probation and Parole Supervision
  • Detention Assessments
  • Pre-Dispositional, Transfer, Pre-parole, Certification, EJJ and Violation reports
  • Completion of PDR's, YLS/CMI or other assessments for the courts
  • Cognitive/Behavioral Skills Classes
  • Family Based Services
  • Youth Night Campus Day Treatment Program
  • Juvenile Sex Specific Outpatient Treatment
  • Public Education
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