DFO Community Corrections Advisory Board



The Board maintains primary responsibility for comprehensive corrections planning, implementation and evaluation. To accomplish this, the Board meets monthly to review programming and budgetary reports, receive updates and discuss current program implementation and concerns, and to plan for future directions.


The Board helps develop and oversees the comprehensive framework within which DFO Corrections operates such that programming in DFO counties best serves the offenders and the interest of the citizens of DFO. The Board makes formal recommendations to the Joint Powers Board for planning and budgetary issues.

DFO Advisory Board Membership


David Erickson - Commissioner   Stephanie Morris - Citizen Representative 
Honorable Joseph Weiners Glenda Johnson - Citizen Representative
Rose Pappas - Citizen Representative
Duane Bakke-Commissioner  Matthew Opat - Citizen Representative
Vacancy - Citizen Representative Dianne Patten – Citizen Representative
Kevin Torgerson - Sheriff Matt Flynn - Commissioner
Honorable Christina Stevens  Janet Krueger -Defense Attorney 
Mark Ostrem - Prosecution

Craig Anderson – Rochester Police Department 

Jamie Meyer - Citizen Representative

Cresta Valentine – Victim Services Representative
Christine Beech - Citizen Representative Julie Duff – Staff Representative

Michael Spindler-Krage - Citizen Representative 

 Amy Thompson - Staff Representative