Community Work Service

Community Work Service provides the opportunity for both adults and juveniles on probation to perform community work in compliance with a court sanction, in lieu of jail, or monetary fine or as part of the diversion program. Community work service is work performed for the purpose of repaying the community and takes place at public or private non-profit sites. The value of community work service is to provide positive experiences for the client and useful service for community agencies. 
Each DFO County runs its own Community Service Program. Adult clients may be offered the opportunity to do community service work as a condition of probation and as an alternative to fines or incarceration. If the client fails to complete the assigned hours, it is reported to their probation agents and then to the Court for further action. 
Dodge County
22 6th Street East
Department 252
Mantorville, MN 55955
Fax: 507 635-6194 
Fillmore County
PO Box 33
Preston, MN 55965
Fax: 507 765-5440
Olmsted County
151 4th Street SE
Rochester, MN 55904
Ph: 507 328-7200
Fax: 507 328-7951