Each DFO County runs its own diversion program. Juveniles participating in the diversion program are diverted from a formal court hearing to the diversion program.


Cases being referred to this program are Petty Misdemeanor offenses such as shoplifting, minor consumption, tobacco, curfew, etc. Usually, these referrals are juveniles that are first time clients, however, the program allows for some 2nd and 3rd time referrals based on offense type. The discretion for referring cases to the diversion program originates in the County Attorney's office and follows a guidelines grid.

Because of the large numbers of juveniles placed on diversion, select juveniles appear before the Diversion Panel based on the nature and severity of the offense. All other diversion clients meet with an agent one-to-one rather than attend the panel.  
  • The Diversion Panel is comprised of the Juvenile Diversion Probation Officer, Police Liaison Officer, County Attorney's Staff member, Social Services Representative, Citizen Volunteer, and a Victim Services Advocate.

Adult Diversion

Prior to entry into the Adult Diversion Program, clients must first be referred by the prosecuting attorney. Once referred for consideration, a Probation Officer will meet with a client to assess their individual circumstances and determine suitability for the program. If accepted into the program, clients will agree to perform unpaid community work service, pay restitution, and abide by other conditions defined within a Diversion Contract. Upon successful completion of the program, the prosecution is so informed, and the client becomes eligible for a dismissal of the criminal charge(s). Clients who are declined entry into the program or fail to comply with terms of a Diversion Contract, will be referred back to the prosecuting attorney for further action on their case. 

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