Guardian Information


Olmsted County Juvenile Detention Center  (OCJDC) is committed to the safety of the community, staff, and residents we serve. Our mission is to provide a high level of professional care to all our resident’s, while maintaining a safe and secure facility. We encourage guardians to complete a satisfaction survey to better help us with our goals.


Residents are allowed two stamps per day. All incoming/outgoing mail is subject to search. Any mail that poses a safety or security risk will be confiscated and placed in residents’ property bag.


Medical/Dental and Medication consent is required verbally over phone or by signature in person.

  • Medical history, current prescriptions and insurance information is needed for all residents. 
  • OCJDC provides nursing care on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Parental Rights

You have the right to fill out a Satisfaction Survey or Grievance form (Located by lockers).

Resident Phone Calls

Collect phone calls made by residents inside the facility are done through Securus Technologies. To set up an account please call 1 800 844-6591 or online at


An initial visit may be at anytime. All subsequent visits must be scheduled in advance by calling the facility 507 328-6699.

Resident’s personal visits will be limited to legal guardians and grandparents (no siblings or significant others). Individuals not approved to visit will not be allowed in the building.

Visiting Hours

​Monday-Friday 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM​

If these accommodations do not fit into your work schedule, please let us know and other arrangements can be made.

  • Visitors are required to bring a picture ID.
  • Visitors may not bring items into the secure facility including hats and coats (locks and lockers will be provided for belongings). 
  • Visitors are subject to a wand search. 
  • Visits are limited to thirty minutes.