Child Support

"Benefiting children by establishing paternity, establishing and modifying support orders, collecting support, and promoting the means to do so"

Contact Information

2117 Campus Dr. SE, Suite 100
Rochester, MN 55904

Phone: 507 328-6500
Fax: 507 328-7957 

Child Support Services

  • Locating absent parents
  • Establishing parentage
  • Establishing and enforcing court orders (includes child support, medical support, and child care support)
  • Reviewing/modifying/adjusting support orders
  • Working with other states to enforce child support when a parent lives outside of Minnesota
  • Collecting and processing payments for support 
On Line Services
The Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Support web page includes links to particular information and descriptions of the services available and links to applications.   

Service Costs

Parents who do not receive public assistance can apply for services and are charged a $25 annual collection fee. An applicant for our services will also pay a 2% MN cost recovery fee. This 2% fee pays for some of the costs associated with operating Minnesota's Child Support Program. Single parents who receive public assistance are automatically referred for services and do not pay any fees.

Services Not Provided
  • Divorces
  • Visitation and custody
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony) establishment
  • Legal advice or counsel. 
Information Line

General information is available 24/7 by calling:

  •  651 296-2542 in the Twin Cities
  •  800 657-3954 outside the metro area