Welfare Fraud

What is Welfare Fraud?  

Recipients of public assistance are committing fraud if they:

  • falsely report that a parent is absent from the household
    intentionally fail to report a change in the household composition, income or resources that would affect the eligibility for benefits
  • intentionally fail to report any change in circumstances that would affect their eligibility for benefits
  • intentionally receive benefits from two or more jurisdictions at the same time
  • intentionally receive benefits for children not in the household
Most Minnesotans who receive public assistance have a legitimate need. Unfortunately, a few people intentionally obtain benefits they do not deserve. These people are committing welfare fraud.

What is Olmsted County's Role in Fraud Prevention?
Welfare fraud creates a burden for taxpayers by increasing the cost of programs. By reducing welfare fraud, Olmsted County increases public confidence in the welfare system and ensures that funds are available to those who really need assistance. 
Olmsted County is committed to increasing public confidence in public assistance program administration. The Olmsted County Sheriff's Department is responsible for the Investigation of Potential Fraudulent Activity. 
Olmsted County usually receives allegations of welfare fraud either from case workers who regularly work with recipients of public assistance or from the general public. Olmsted County investigates all clearly defined allegations. If the investigation finds the violation was intentional, the case is either referred to an administrative process or for criminal prosecution. 
If you have a concern about welfare fraud, please call either the State of Minnesota Welfare Fraud Hotline at 1 800 627-9977 or  507 328-6770. If you wish, you can remain anonymous. 

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