Olmsted County Housing & Redevelopment Authority




The Waitlist for Public Housing Two-Bedroom Townhomes is now closed

 300 pre-applications have been recieved by the OCHRA

The Olmsted County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (OCHRA) has closed its Public Housing waiting list for two-bedroom townhome units as of 12:00PM on Friday, July 12, 2019. OCHRA will no longer be accepting pre-applications for the two-bedroom waiting list.

In 2016, when our Public Housing waitlist was last open, it took over two months until 500 applications were received and the waitlist closed. Based on that data, we did not anticipate that in 2019 we would have such a high volume of applications in less than 72 hours. This just illustrates the need for further affordable housing in our community.

OCHRA may resume accepting pre-applications when the waiting period is expected to be less than two years.

All Public Housing waiting lists are now closed. All Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) waiting lists are closed.

OCHRA will send further press releases when waiting lists are scheduled to reopen.


Olmsted County HRA Mission:

To provide Olmsted County residents opportunities to obtain quality, affordable housing.

The Olmsted County HRA is governed by a Board of Commissioners that meets monthly. It administers programs that provide rental assistance to tenants and rehabilitation funds to both homeowners and rental property owners. In addition, the Olmsted County HRA manages county-owned rental properties and partners with local agencies to provide other programs to increase the availability of affordable housing to residents of Olmsted County.


Federal Law prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, or disability. In Olmsted County, housing discrimination complaints can be filed with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

If you suspect unfair housing practices, you can go to HUD’s website to file a complaint online, or call 800 669-9777 (TDD 800 927-9275) or 612 370-3000.

You can also go to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights website to file a complaint online, or call 651 296-5663 (TTY 651 596-1283).