OCHRA Housing Rehabilitation Loan

The OCHRA Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Olmsted County Housing & Redevelopment Authority (OCHRA) has officially launched of the Housing Rehabilitation Program.  This program will provide financial assistance to qualifying low and moderate income homeowners to assist in maintaining, repairing and improving the safety, livability and energy efficiency of their homes.

With funds provided by the OCHRA, the Housing Rehabilitation program will offer two types of assistance available on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying households:


Rehabilitation Loan:  Rehabilitation Loan funds can be used to correct hazardous conditions and code violations, eliminate safety hazards, repair or replace major systems, correct interior or exterior deficiencies, energy improvements, modifications for persons with disabilities and eliminate lead based paint hazards.  The minimum loan amount is $5,000.  The maximum amount available is $25,000.  Loans come with an interest rate of 2%, although no principle or interest payments are made until the home is sold. 

 Accessibility Loan:  Accessibility Loan funds can be used for the elimination of architectural barriers and the installation of special equipment and appliances for physically disabled or elderly homeowners.  Allowable installations and repairs include, but are not limited to the construction of ramps, alteration of doorways, lowering of sinks, lavatories, cabinets, installation of special faucets, door knobs, switches, and installation of handrails.  There is no minimum amount.  The maximum loan amount available is $5,000.  Accessibility loans are forgiven over a seven year period and with a zero percent interest rate.


To be eligible for assistance, your home needs to be located in Olmsted County (please note, homes located in Stewartville, are not eligible) and you must have owned your home for at least six (6) months prior to receiving assistance.  You must be current on your mortgage and in the payment of your real estate/property taxes.  In addition, you cannot exceed the household income limits listed below:


Household Size 1 person 2 persons 3 persons
Maximum income$46,000$52,600$59,150
4 persons 5 person 6 persons 7 persons
8 persons


To learn more about the program and obtain an application call contact:

   Luke Tessum - OCHRA Rehabilitation Program Coordinator

Phone: 507-328-7124 or Email