MHFA Rehabilitation Loan Program


The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency's (MHFA) Rehabilitation Loan program assists low to moderate-income homeowners in financing home improvements that directly affect the safety, habitability, energy efficiency and accessibility of their homes.

Eligible applicants must occupy the home to be rehabilitated. Applicants' assets must not exceed $25,000. Rehabilitation Loan Program income limits are based on federal median family income estimates and calculated at 30% of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area median income. The income limit for 2018 is $28,300 for a family of four.

The maximum loan amount is $27,000 with a 15-year term, and 10-years for mobile/manufactured homes taxed as personal property. Loan payment is forgiven if the house is not sold or transferred, and remains occupied, during the loan term.

Single-family homes, duplexes and manufactured housing taxed as real or personal property are eligible for this program.

Most improvements to the livability, accessibility, or energy efficiency of a home are eligible. Electrical wiring, a new roof, plumbing and septic repairs are just some of the possibilities.


To learn more about the program and obtain an application contact:

Luke Tessum - OCHRA Rehabilitation Program Coordinator

Phone: 507 328-7124 or Email