Housing Choice Voucher



The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section8) is a tenant-based rental assistance program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered by the OCHRA throughout Olmsted County. The HCV program is available in most areas of the nation. The assistance "follows" the participant. This means it is possible for the participant to move without losing the assistance. Households pay a portion of the rent based on their total adjusted housing costs (rent and utilities). Federal standards set the maximum housing costs allowed under the program. 



Wait List Process:

Households are contacted based on their position on the waiting list.

New households are offered assistance when current voucher holders leave the program.  We have no control on this part of the process.

When you reach the top of the waiting list, we will mail a letter to the address in your file.  You will have a reasonable time in which to respond but there is a deadline.  If we do not receive a response by the deadline, your name will be removed from the list.

Households will be requested to complete an application and provide needed information.  It is important to provide all the requested information by the date requested.

We will mail a letter informing households that they are either eligible for the program and will be offered a voucher or not eligible for the program and will not be offered a voucher.


Notification Process:

Households that have been selected will be sent letters informing them that they have been selected for the waiting list. 


Changes in Household Information

It is very important for all pre-applicants, whether chosen for the waiting list or those that remain in the lottery pool, that any changes in address or family composition be reported to our office in writing. You may write us a clearly written note and mail it or come to our office and fill out a pink Notification of Change form. 


Port-In Process: 

HCV holders who wish to move into Olmsted County should contact their current housing authority worker to start the voucher transfer process.

The following steps will help you successfully complete your Port-in to Olmsted County:

  • First, we are accepting
  • Second, you will need to get permission from your current Housing Authority
  • Third, your current Housing Authority will want to know if we are Billing or Absorbing - Olmsted County is currently Billing
  • Fourth, your current Housing Authority can contact our Port Specialist, Melissa Fohrman, to send the necessary Port paperwork
  • Finally, once we have received your paperwork and everything is approved, you will be sent an application from Olmsted County to complete and return to us.  This would be the appropriate time for you to start your search for housing.


Equal Housing / Employment Opportunity 


2019 Housing Choice Vouchure Admininstration Plan:

Admin Plan (1,150KB)