Transitional Rental Assistance Program (T-RAP)


This is an income based rental assistance program administered by the Olmsted County HRA. This program serves households who are homeless or near homelessness with an income at or below 30% of median income, and provides a subsidy up to $400 towards rent in a unit the household finds and leases.  Participants are selected from the Coordinated Entry List*.  The program serves about 18 households.

*Coordinated Entry List: Coordinated Entry is a HUD and MN Housing mandate for certain types of funding that utilize HMIS (a homeless management information system).  In order to access certain programs that receive funding from HUD or MN Housing, clients must be assessed and placed on the Coordinated Entry list.  When openings occur, names are pulled from the Coordinated Entry list by their score for the program opening.


 Access sites in Olmsted County for Coordinated Entry are:

Families and Single Adults:

Three Rivers CAP; 507 732-7391 OR 1 800-277-8418 ext 327

Salvation Army; 507 288-3663

Guiding Partners for Solutions; 507 328-6325



MN Assistance Council for Veterans; 507 345-8258


Single Adults:

Zumbro Valley Homeless Service Team; 507 535-5641


Unaccompanied Youth: (persons under age 25)

Lutheran Social Service-LINK; 507 316-8273


Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence:

Womens Shelter; 507 285-1010 or 507 285-1938


Families with Children:

Family Promise Rochester; 507 281-3122