Environmental Commission


The Environmental Commission is appointed by the County Board. The commission is responsible for formulating and recommending environmental policies and monitoring program implementation to assure coordination and integration of County functions that impact the environment.

Functions of the Environmental Commission: Develop and recommend environmental policies and priorities to the County Board. Review, update, and recommend for final approval environmental plans:

  • solid waste management plan
  • land use plan
  • water plan
  • industrial waste plan
  • community health services environmental plan

(1) Review ordinances, (2) monitor the implementation of plans, policies, programs and grants, (3) conduct public hearings/meetings as needed to solicit citizen input on environmental issues, programs, and projects.

This Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7:15 PM at the 2122 Campus Drive SE, Rochester, MN Conference Room A.

Appointed Public Officials

  • James Schumann - Chair
  • Joe Marchesani
  • Brooke Carlson

 Elected Officials

  • Mark Thein, County Commissioner
  • Stephanie Podulke, County Commissioner
  • Rachel Bohman, Township Representative

Additional information about serving on this or another Olmsted County Board/Commission can be found here.