OWEF Tipping Floor Access

OWEF Tipping Floor Access Registration is required for companies or persons requesting access to dispose of acceptable wastes that can be directly tipped at the Olmsted Waste to Energy Facility (OWEF). Registration is required for the following reasons:

  • County staff must confirm the waste delivered to the OWEF is acceptable.

  • Vehicle access to the tipping floor must be approved.

  • Registrants are periodically provided information for training their drivers on the policies, procedures, safety concerns, and certain hazards associated with the OWEF’s tipping floor.

NOTE: The OWEF Tipping Floor Access Registration should be used in place of the Basic Registration for companies or persons that are required to be registered under the Basic Registration and/or are also requesting access to the OWEF tipping floor.


OWEF Tipping Floor Access ($50 Fee):

If you are requesting OWEF Tipping Floor Access, you will need to:

  1. Call the Environmental Resources Department at 507 328-7070 (if not already approved) to inquire if the waste you plan to deliver is acceptable (processable MMSW and/or ISW) at OWEF and provide information on the equipment to be used for delivery of the waste.  If County staff confirms this waste and equipment is acceptable, proceed to next step.

  2. Read and complete the Tipping Floor Access Registration Packet (200 KB).

  3. Provide a Certificate of Insurance in the required amounts as stated in the registration packet.

  4. Provide details on the vehicles/equipment to be used on the tipping floor.

  5. Read and use the driver information materials located here, Driver Information for Solid Waste Facilities (4.5 MB). Employers are responsible for their drivers and training their drivers on the hazards on the tipping floor.

  6. Sign the Employer Sign off form (63 KB), also included in the registration packet. 

  7. Submit $50 calendar year registration fee, the registration form, vehicle list, and the signed employer signoff form to: 

    Olmsted County Environmental Resources Department
    2122 Campus Drive SE - Suite 200
    Rochester, MN  55904

  8. If approved by the County and granted tipping floor
    access, registration stickers will be applied to the approved vehicles by County staff following vehicle inspection.

  9. Upon delivery of solid waste to OWEF, cash or check payment is required.  Alternatively, a credit account may be utilized.  See Solid Waste Credit Policy (71 KB) as security on the credit account is required.  If requesting a credit account, please call and ask for the finance department at 507 328-7070.

NOTE: For annual renewals, the completed forms, required documentation, and the $50 registration fee are due by December 1st. If you are using the same truck(s) as last year, and they were previously approved for OWEF access and already have identification stickers applied, no additional inspections or stickers are needed for the current year's registration.

If you have any questions regarding this registration process, please call 507 328-7070 for assistance.

Your participation in this program helps to make the facilities better for everyone.  

A copy of the Industrial Solid Waste Management Plan can be obtained through the Olmsted County Environmental Resources Department or by clicking the link below:

Industrial Solid Waste Management Plan ( 3.4 MB) 

Resources for OWEF Tipping Floor Access customers (including Olmsted licensed haulers)

Driver Information for Solid Waste Facilities (4.5 MB) 

Employer Sign off form (63 KB)

OWEF Tipping Floor Access Policy (55 KB)

Unacceptable Waste, Problem Materials, and Special Wastes table (101 KB)

Solid Waste Credit Policy (71 KB)    

Tipping Floor & Scale Operations (43 KB)

Covered Loads Brochure (161 KB)