Providing Hauling Services


In order to provide certain solid waste collection and transportation services, Olmsted County Ordinance requires either Registration or a Commercial Solid Waste Hauler License.

Registration is required to provide Registered Hauler services in Olmsted County. In accordance with the Solid Waste Management Ordinance (206 KB), registration is required when:

  • self-hauling of solid waste from a commercial site, or
  • collecting and transporting yard waste, construction debris and/or demolition debris as an adjunct secondary service to a primary service of providing labor or general site cleanup services, or
  • providing collection and transportation services for only yard waste, construction debris, demolition debris, contaminated soils and/or asbestos.

There are two types of registration. For more information on how to become registered, select one of the registration types below:

Basic Registration – Required if providing Registered Hauler services as noted above.

OWEF Tipping Floor Access  – Required if requesting access to dispose of acceptable wastes that can be directly tipped at the Olmsted Waste to Energy Facility (OWEF).

NOTE: Registration does not grant authority to engage in the business of providing collection and transportation services for mixed municipal solid waste and/or industrial solid waste.

A Commercial Solid Waste Hauler License is required for a commercial hauler to engage in the business of providing collection and transportation services for mixed municipal solid waste, industrial solid waste, construction debris, demolition debris, and/or infectious waste in Olmsted County. The County has limited the number of licenses issued which currently is at 9. Resources for OWEF Tipping Floor Access are available for licensed haulers including driver information for solid waste facilities, policies, and procedures.

If you have any questions regarding this registration process, please call 507 328-7070 for assistance.

Your participation in this program helps to make the facilities better for everyone.  

A copy of the Industrial Solid Waste Plan can be obtained through Olmsted County Environmental Resources Department by clicking the link below:

Industrial Solid Waste Management Plan (3.4 MB)