Solid Waste Management Ordinances & Fee Schedule

Olmsted County has been responsibly managing its waste locally for decades. We as a community, have invested in infrastructure to provide a proper place for the waste generated here in accordance with the Minnesota Solid Waste Hierarchy. The programs and services provided have been developed to benefit, protect and ensure the public health, safety and welfare of its residents through sound solid waste management practices. We minimize potential risk of environmental damage from waste disposed in landfills, over which we have no control, by building and maintaining facilities with high environmental standards.

The programs are funded by revenue from tipping fees, energy sales, material sales and other user fees. No property tax dollars are used to fund the components of the Integrated Solid Waste Management System. Allowing waste to go to other facilities would reduce revenues and increase the costs for those who use the system.

The following ordinances have been developed in accordance with Minnesota Statutes and the Olmsted County Solid Waste Management Plan to regulate solid waste in Olmsted County: 

Solid Waste Management Ordinance - Chapter 3500 (127 KB) 

  • Establishes the requirements for recycling and yard waste management

  • Regulates processing and disposal, storage, collection, and transportation of solid waste in Olmsted County

  • Establishes rules, regulations and standards for the licensing and registration of solid waste haulers

  • Establishes authority to set fees, service charges and payment requirements

  • Establishes violations and penalties for noncompliance

    • For information on requesting a hearing to appeal a notice of violation, or denial of request for exception/challenge, or a suspension or revocation of an Environmental Resources issued license or permit, please visit the Olmsted County Attorney's webpage.

Administrative Penalty Schedule - Chapter 3500

  • Please contact the Environmental Resources Department at pwservice@co.olmsted.mn.us or 507-328-7070 if you require this document in an alternate format. 

Solid Waste Fee Schedule Effective 01-01-2018 (160 KB) 

  • Establishes fees for waste disposed at Olmsted County Solid Waste Management Facilities

Designation Ordinance - Chapter 3550 (369 KB)

  • Requires the transportation and delivery of all Solid  Waste generated in Olmsted County to Olmsted County Facilities