Air Pollution Control System


The Air Pollution Control (APC) system assures compliance with current and future air pollution control limits. The APC system is composed of distinct subsystems providing lime slurry injection, powder activated carbon injection, ammonia injection, fabric filtration, and continuous emissions monitoring to control well  below compliance requirements. The lime slurry injection neutralizes acid gases present in   the flue gas, (primarily hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide) while reducing flue gas temperature to a level that promotes effective control of mercury and condensable pollutants such as dioxin.

The powdered activated carbon system removes condensable pollutants, primarily heavy metals including mercury & lead. The fabric filter collects dust composed of fly ash, scrubber residue, and powder activated carbon. The fabric filter also enhances acid gas neutralization reactions. Emissions from this system are cleaner than any conventional fuel with the exception of natural gas. 

A Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) system utilizes the latest measuring technology to constantly monitor carbon monoxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, opacity, unit load, flue gas temperature, and carbon addition rate.