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Horse Project


Olmsted County 4-H Horse Project


Monthly Meetings Schedule

From September –April held the third Sunday of the month at 6:00 PM.   

No meeting scheduled in December.

From May – August help the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM.

To view the contact list (Horse Project Development Committee Advisors and Committee Chair List), agendas and minutes, click bar on left entitled Contacts/Minutes/Agendas under Horse Project. 


HPDC Handbook  (514 KB)

5th H Newsletter  (186 KB)


Safety Check Short Shots:  Olmsted County 4-Hers Show You How to Succeed!

To help members get ready for their Safety Checks, tune into these videos on You Tube. As always, watch with a parent as you work on the internet. You can also go to YouTube and type in OlmstedHPDC, and you will get all 19 videos listed.  You can also watch only the ones you need by clicking on the links below.

1.       Tying your Horse Safely - http://youtu.be/Ytlz4qVaXEU

2.       How to Tie a Safety Knot - http://youtu.be/WMBWy9eiCjM

3.       Leading your Horse - http://youtu.be/ma0U8hLDyu8

4.       English Bridle Fit - http://youtu.be/HZhxCYElJgA

5.       English Showmanship - http://youtu.be/jogBRgC4oVc

6.       English Tack - http://youtu.be/CuvIOjYf8_0

7.       English Attire - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcep6M7K5yQ

8.       Chain Under Nose for Showmanship - http://youtu.be/eNEGYa3Tpwc

9.       Chain Over Nose for Showmanship - http://youtu.be/W3ce0z5a9E0

10.     Haltering - http://youtu.be/HZTKp8EEXF4

11.     Halter Fit - http://youtu.be/5EEFQGMlLOw

12.     Grooming - http://youtu.be/q9m7mxPwNZM

13.     Feet - http://youtu.be/w4AnT5epLJ8

14.     Western Riding Attire – http://youtu.be/PTXnMmU6eTQ

15.     Western Tack – http://youtu.be/xPU3B4AeXJQ

16.     Western Riding – http://youtu.be/yxgRE64FxoQ

17.     Showmanship Attire – http://youtu.be/D3cgkyzR47Q

18.     Gaming/Control - http://youtu.be/xlfL7NusyqI

19.     Gaming Tack - http://youtu.be/OnMSI7uueDk




University of Minnesota Extension Horse Website

Minnesota Horse Expo 







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