2020 Budget Message

This 2020 Budget Message (102 KB) is a letter from Olmsted County Administrator Heidi Welsch to the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners and residents of Olmsted County. It provides details on how the budget is developed; highlights of our strategic, operational and Capital Improvement programs; and information about our investments in community resources. 

2020 Olmsted County Budget in Brief

The 2020 Budget In Brief (3 MB) provides an overview of our budget and assessed taxes by the county and other taxing entities. It also features examples of Olmsted County’s work to provide effective and efficient government using tax levy and other revenue. 

2020 Olmsted County Truth in Taxation Presentation

The 2020 Truth in Taxation (TnT) presentation (see pages 61-81) contains information about Olmsted County’s budget and levy. This presentation occurred in a public meeting on December 5, 2019, before the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners. 

Need Assistance?

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