What We Do

For any Human Rights related issues, please call


  • Primary Duties

Facilitate voluntary no fault mediation for citizens

Collaborate in partnership with the State Department of Human Rights and the League of Minnesota HUman Rights Commissions (LMHRC)

Coordinate activities with other community groups and organizations involved in Human Rights issues

  • Reason for New County Commission

To provide a legal avenue for all Olmsted County to find remedies for Human Rights issues

To provide an opportunity other than the courts for the remedy

To cover all of the protected classes provided to the citizens of Minnesota

  • Educational Focus

Olmsted County wanted to establish a place that could provide an informational database to identify common themes which would help us focus on particular Human Rights training needs.

Olmsted County wanted to support other initiatives to address Human Rights concerns.

  • Maintenance of a Hate Crimes Taskforce

Develop a group that can respond to issues in our community.

Stand up for victims and be fair in response to claims until information is available.

  • Awards

Human Rights Award

Acknowledge the work of individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses.

  • Enrichment Activities

Sponsor enrichment activities celebrating diversity.

  • What is illegal discrimination?

Go to the Minnesota Human Rights Act

  • Employment Issues

Employers refuse to hire, discharge, restrict benefits or conditions.

Labor organizations deny membership, fail to represent, refer jobs, or otherwise treat differently.

Employment agencies reject applications, refer for employment, or screen applicants.

  • Housing and Real Property

Owners or agents refuse to sell or rent, or treat clients differently.

Realtors withhold available property or services, or claim the presence of certain residents makes the environment undesirable.

Lenders deny or discriminate terms and conditions of financial assistance or services.

  • Public Accommodations

A place of business, entertainment, transportation, or privately owned facility denies its premises or services, discriminates in the access or use of them.

  • Public Services

A government facility or service denies or limits services or benefits or fails to provide physical and program access.

A public transit service fails to physical access and equitable service to persons who have disabilities.

  • Education

Educational institution fails to make reasonable accommodations for program access for persons with disabilities.

Educational institution or its staff excludes or expels or discriminates against a student or person seeking enrollment.

  • Business

Refuses to conduct business.

Discriminates in the terms, conditions, or performance of a business arrangement.


Other prohibited practices

Aid or abet another in committing illegal discrimination.

Cause reprisal or retaliation because a person opposed a practice forbidden by the Minnesota Human Rights Act, filed a charge or participated in a manner brought under the Act; or because a person associated with a person or group of persons who are disabled or of a different race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.

  • How Are Your Rights Protected?

A person who claims to have been discriminated against in violation of the MHRA within Olmsted County may file a complaint with the Olmsted County Human Rights Commission within one year of when the discrimination took place. 507 287-1347