2020 Census Work Set to Begin with Address Canvassing

The U.S. Census Bureau is set to begin the next step in making sure Minnesota gets a complete count in the 2020 Census. Address canvassing by Census Bureau workers will begin next week. The City of Rochester and Olmsted County are active participants in the 2020 Census work.

Address canvassing is the process by which the U.S. Census Bureau validates, corrects, or deletes existing Census Bureau addresses, adds missing addresses, and adds or corrects locations of specific addresses before a decennial census. Census Bureau employees will not be asking for information about individuals but rather about addresses and habitable locations.

“A full count as part of the Census is critical for all of Rochester, Olmsted County and Minnesota. There are far-reaching effects from the Census count that will impact all of us for the next decade, making it essential for our communities to take all possible steps to ensure a full and accurate count,” states City Clerk and Communications Director Anissa Hollingshead.

We realize that Census workers may draw the attention of residents who are concerned about the presence of strangers in their neighborhoods. Each temporary decennial Census employee will have an official identification card. Regional level staff can be identified by their Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card. Both temporary and regional level staff can be identified by their laptop computer with a Census Bureau logo on the top, and a black canvas bag with a Census Bureau logo.

“Canvassing is an important step in ensuring that everyone in Olmsted County is counted in the 2020 Census,” says Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted County Board Commissioner and Complete Count Committee Chair. “During this step, Census employees are verifying your address and any information you give them is strictly confidential. All Census Bureau staff take a lifetime oath to protect your personal information. The law is clear on this- no personal information can be shared, not even to law enforcement agencies.”

If residents should have any concerns, they are encouraged to contact the non-emergency Rochester Police Department line at 507-328-6800 or the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department at 507-328-6800. If it is believed to be an emergency, please call 911. The Census Bureau has counted every resident in the U.S. every ten years, beginning in 1790. More information about Minnesota’s 2020 Census work can be found here or learn more about the Olmsted County Complete Count Committee here.